Buildings with Extravagant Architectural Designs

Today and Tomorrow Await Imaginative Architects

There are varied design architects who are developing and who have developed creative ideas for a variety of very unique projects. Their results are totally amazing and seem out of this world beautiful. Each building is eye-catching and will surprise people with their interesting form and extremely original format. They are all masterpieces that will leave your mouth open with a gasp. These buildings with extravagant architectural designs are an inspiration, especially to architects who may think that their ideas are too far fetched – but if the design is eco-friendly and can be structured with safety features and flexible strength, then go ahead and put pen to paper or load your planning software.

Buildings With Extravagant Architectural Designs:


  1. Sheraton-Huzhou-Hot-Spring-Resort-MAD-3 Ring Shaped Sheraton Huzhou Hot Spring Resort by MAD Architects, headed by Chinese architect – Ma Yansong.

This gorgeous ring shaped, 27 story hotel is located in the Zhejiang Province, just south of Lake Taihu in Huzhou. It is designed with the idea of unity and infinity that not only touches the spiritual side of staying there, but it is also designed to be eco-friendly and to save energy. At night the ringed hotel reflects in the lake like a full moon reflection. The Sheraton Huzhou’s ring shape provides shade for its balconies, which creates a natural ventilation system, where air conditioning is used at a minimum. This exquisite hotel features luxurious guestrooms and villas, with a spa centered theme. The porticoes and ceilings in each room are inlaid with a type of jade that symbolizes wealth.

  1. Liège-Guillemins Station by Calatrava 07Gare de Liege-Guillemins Railway Station by Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava

This unusually designed rail station is a Belgium architectural feat. It is an ultra modern station that was designed by the famous architect, Santiago Calatrava. It is constructed of steel and glass with a vaulted roof. The Gare de Liege-Guillemins Station also includes a high monumental arch with a rolling movement design. It is a transparent structure with soaring canopies extended over five rail platforms. The structure seems to represent a seamless interaction between the interior and exterior of the station.

  1. Water-Discus-Underwater-Hotel-in-Dubai-1 Water Discus Hotel in Dubai by Deep Ocean Technology

The Water Discus Hotel looks like a space aged design structure with two discs, one above the water and another disc or level below the water. The Hotel is located in Queensland and is anchored by five structural legs and a vertical shaft that contains a life and a stairway that connects both levels. The Water Discus Hotel seems to be floating high above the water, while some rooms and a bar are below the water. A restaurant, a spa, a recreation area, and a multi-functional lobby is within the centre of the disc. The hotel contains a rooftop seawater swimming pool, an exotic garden, and a helipad. The Water Discus Hotel is very transparent with the beauty of marine and coral life, its topical surface and nighttime starry skies.


  1. Beverly Hills Glass House By Ed Niles

Let’s do a shout-out to the USA with California architecture. California’s buildings with extravagant architectural designs is not found in the world’s highest skyscrapers or commercial buildings, but in their urban neighborhoods. World famous architects feature amazing architecture in private living buildings, fast food stores, and hotels. One such extravagant beauty is the curvy Beverly Hills Glass House, by the modernist Malibu architect – Ed Niles. The home is a transparent structure of glass and steel which features an elevator. This gorgeous structure features framed walls of blue glass in a ribbed steel design. The home also has six bedrooms, parking for six, and each room has a beautiful view.

  1. The White Tree Apartments by Sou Fujimoto

White-Tree-in-Montpellier-by-Sou-Fujimoto_dezeen_19The White Tree Apartments are located in Montpellier, France. It is a 17 story mixed architecture form with extravagant style and functionality. The apartment building looks like a tree or a pine cone, with each apartment balcony sprouting outwards in all directions, all around the building. Each apartment has their own panoramic view, without any obstructions and a common area. The building is representative of Fujimoto’s traditional outdoor living scheme. Each apartment will have its own ultra modern modular interior space with optional features and floor plans.

The World’s Extravagant Architecture:

Modern architecture is being designed with something for everyone. External and internal architecture has always had a philosophy that form follows function and modern architects are expressing their forms through extravagant architectural designs of transparency, futuristic, and unique details. World famous modern architectural designs feature materials that show off their ornate and bold designs, like steel, glass, wood, concrete and specially engineered materials that live long and strong in different elemental natural environments.