High Paying Architectural Jobs

Architects And Innovation

Architects are responsible for providing their clients with buildings that are functional, aesthetically pleasing and that meet a certain budget. You may know that those who pursue this career must be willing to complete a professional degree program, an internship and pass an Architect Registration Exam. But are you familiar with how much the highest architects make? Well, it depends on what type of architect they are.

Highest Paid Architect Jobs

Residential Architect – $47,658-$74,392

Residential architects have the task of creating a beautiful home for their clients. Though many neighborhoods have an ordinance or code which forbids homeowners from making any changes that don’t follow with the uniform look of the other houses, there are some that allow a little more freedom. In this case, residential architects help these homeowners design a house that most suits their tastes and standards. They are not only responsible for making the client’s dream home, but must be very familiar with all of the building codes. According to, residential architects make $47,658-$74,392 per year.

Landscape Architect – $37,063 – $81,366

Landscape architects put all of their attention and skill towards the outdoor areas. This could be anything from designing lawns that are situated around colleges to parks. Some landscape architect work for golf courses. Though their main focus is usually put toward doing work for the public sector, they may be hired by private homeowners also. They may build gazebos, follies or patio structures. They work with plants, tress and other living materials. Whenever you notice a garden that looks especially well groomed, it can be assumed that a landscape artist played a part in creating the design.Their job is to create an environment looks fresh and compelling. This means that they’re knowledge goes well beyond construction. They are masters of horticulture. According to pay scale, landscape architects make $37,063 – $81,366 per year.

Commercial Architect – $44,930-$119,370

Commercial architects are responsible for venues that are very large. They deal with projects that are related to the government are businesses. These architects will often be commissioned to construct libraries, government facilities, malls and etc. These specialists deal with projects that the public come into contact with on a daily basis. They work on projects such as train stations and airports. According to, commercial architects make $44,930-$119,370 per year.

Architecture Provides Function and Purpose

Architecture can be an extremely rewarding career. You get a chance to work with people of all ages and from many backgrounds. And there is no limit as to what you can do with your knowledge of design and construction. If you are interested in building the perfect home, you can pursue residential architecture. If you would like to create an inviting environment outdoors and enjoy being in nature, then you should think about landscape architecture. If you are someone who prefers bigger projects and want to have a chance to work on something that the general public needs, then you should consider pursuing commercial architecture. Though all of these jobs offer different salaries, all serve a significant purpose in the functioning of our society.