Top Architectural Schools In The World

Don’t Make The Wrong Choice

You have had a dream in your heart to build things that are going to last forever and bring joy to everyone that sees it. The time has come to choose which architectural school you are going to go to. How do you decide which one will give you the proper skills you need to be a successful architect? Making the wrong choice can cost you later in your career.

Thankfully, there are many amazing schools across the world to choose from.

Take A Look At These Schools

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Located in the United States MIT has a long history of being one of the top schools in the world. Amazingly enough architecture was one of the first four departments of the school and they pride themselves on being on the leading edge of design, building technology, theory and architecture as an art.

University of British Columbia

Located in Canada, UBC is a school that truly focuses on creating the future of architecture through educating their students to become speculative thinkers. They encourage students to become builders that not only consider the art side of architecture but also the environment as well.

University of Cambridge

Located in the United Kingdom, this school’s mission statement is to create a close knit community of architects whose focus is to create excellence in sustainable building and urban design research.

One of the universities main focuses is research into how to create environmentally friendly buildings that are not only beautiful but great places to live, work and enjoy.

Delft University of Technology

This school is located in the Netherlands and has a reputation of constantly innovating itself. Both students and faculty are offered an intellectually stimulating working environment. One of the specialties they offer is the Urbanism, Housing And Real Estate course.

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

For those in Asia and particularly China, you will find the architecture depart of this university to be state of the art. They focus on bringing together the top researchers in construction, architecture, conservation, landscaping, real estate and urban planning to create a program that answers the questions facing today’s society. They are also in the process of building a specialized heavy architectural construction workshop and research center.

Politecnico di Milano

Located in Italy, one of the most architecturally beautiful countries of the world this university offers a very diverse program including architecture and society, civil architecture, environmental and land management engineering and architectural engineering as well as the regular architectural courses.

And no list would be complete without…

University of California, Berkeley (UCB)

One of the main universities in the United States this school has an amazing 50 year history of not only producing amazing architects but also being innovative, especially when it comes to new design materials and technologies. They are a world class school with award winning faculty who knows how to create students who are experts in urbanism, sustainability and visible studies.

The Choice Is Yours

No matter where you live in the world and what specific architecture program you want to be in you have awesome choices that will not only give you the education that you need, but also the skills, critical thinking and experience to become successful in your chosen career.

The variety of programs and the availability of them world wide means anyone that wants to have not only a job but a career in architecture can.

The skies the limit and the choice is yours.

I’m an architect located in California, the third largest state in the US. When I considered more traditional forms of advertising, I had no idea how I could afford to reach such a big state from top to bottom. I also wanted to delve into at least some of the parts of architecture that have inspired me. When I realized that a blog could do both, I was hooked.

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