Why I Created This Blog?

urlHow did I know a blog would be a good idea to start? Well, here’s my story… I’m an architect located in California, the third largest state in the US. When I considered more traditional forms of advertising, I had no idea how I could afford to reach such a big state from top to bottom. I also wanted to delve into at least some of the parts of architecture that have inspired me. When I realized that a blog could do both, I was hooked.

With my architecture blog, I can go through the history of Prairie and Foursquare styles on Monday and by Friday, I can be discussing my newest projects and how they fit into my approach. With the posting ability, I can chart an idea over a week or even longer, connecting it to my work and thoughts. My clients love it too, since it creates more mentions of their businesses across the Internet in a way that’s professional and trustworthy, but also personal. It’s like a free source of marketing for them too, which keeps them coming back to me I created my architecture blog to ensure these criteria were met, and it really has delivered.